Rap is now

Hip Hop Academy 1st cultural and creative incubation program dedicated 100% to Hip Hop per excellence in Morocco.


Hip Hop Academy allows its young emerging artists to access its professional training and incubation program for careers in urban culture and contemporary creation.  

The socio-cultural center ''Hip hop academy'' has been refurbished to accommodate artists of urban culture, is located in the heart of the old medina, from the city center of Oujda- Capital of the eastern region. 

We thank Association @AMCA for the commitment and the realization of this program thanks to the strategic support of the @Drosos foundation.
#Team_Hip hop_Academy

Our Spaces


Production spaces

Imagine a space, where the sounds of urban culture harmonize in authenticity with the classics.


Espace incubateur et développement d’idées

The philosophy of the academy lies in the regular meetings organized between the candidate artists on the one hand and the staff members, speakers, artists, rappers, startupers, entrepreneurs, CEOs or speakers on the other.

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Production spaces

Who says rap, necessarily says music.
The academy has gone all out on technical and technological equipment.

Esoace spacieux

A spacious and friendly control room

The audio and video recording studio control room is a friendly space, with acoustics treated and optimized to obtain the best sound reproductions.